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FULL Diagnostic check for all systems on your vehicle at your Home or Workplace

Mobile Auto Electrics have been in the AUTO ELECTRICAL trade for over 18 years and in a position to offer the advice and expertise for a broad range of auto electrical issues..

We have the latest diagnostic equipment in our vehicle at all times..

We can test your vehicle at the roadside to discover if a fault is present,

Virtually every system in the vehicle is electrically operated and connected to one of the computers.

One automotive system many times will create a fault in another automotive system which may seem unrelated.

This is where the electrical knowledge and experience comes in for a fast and efficient electrical repair.

Have you replaced your alternator, Starter motor or battery, and your vehicle will still not start...

Give us a call and we will locate the problem and then advise you of the necessary electrical repair. We repair electrical problems on all makes of vehicles.

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